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Human Resources

Looking for HR professionals to help manage your business's growth? Or are you a talented HR professional looking for opportunities to help companies build out their team? ResTech Global has collected data on the HR job market to help you make your next move.


In search of logistics talent to manage the supply chain needs of your growing business? Or are you a logistics professional looking for new challenges to overcome? ResTech Global has been tracking the latest trends in the Canadian logistics job market to keep you on the leading edge.


Are you looking for a new opportunity to build and innovate? Or seeking new talent to help your business make its mark on the world? ResTech Global has surveyed the hottest engineering job markets in the country and mapped out the latest trends out for you.

Finance & Accounting

Are you searching for talented accounting staff to drive your business forward? Or are you a financial professional looking to help businesses succeed with a balanced set of books? ResTech Global has audited the hottest finance and accounting job markets in the country, and the numbers are in.


Are you an experienced industrial worker with a proven track record? Or a business seeking qualified staff to grow your manufacturing operation? ResTech Global has data on the latest trends in the Canadian workforce and the hottest manufacturing job opportunities.

Office Administration

Looking to grow your team of administrative and support staff with candidates that are perfect for your business? Or are you seeking new administrative opportunities with room to grow? ResTech Global has insights about the office administration job market that will help you move forward.

Sales & Marketing

Are you a sales or marketing professional ready for new challenges and opportunities to drive growth? Or are you seeking talented marketing and sales staff to help you meet and exceed targets? ResTech Global has actionable insights on the latest trends in the Canadian marketing job market.


Do you need exceptional IT talent to take your business to the next level? Or are you an IT professional looking to upgrade your career? ResTech Global has aggregated data on the hottest Canadian IT job markets in Canada, and has plotted out the top trends.